VISION: The Best Code is no Code at all

If anyhow you do need some code, we are here to make sure it will be the least amount of it. We like to perfectly takle your issues with the smallest possible code footprint. Less code means less bugs and less chance of project failures.

MISSION: Code Artisanship

We deploy carefully crafted solutions perfectly tailored to your needs. Our code strives towards simplicity and simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This means our knowledge is an interface between the complexity of your business and the simplicity of the solutions we offer.

Develop once Deploy Anywhere

12-Factor Applications + Docker containers = deploy anywhere in minutes.

Divide and Conquer

If your project is big we will split it into manageable and autonomous microservices. The UNIX philosophy of "Do one thing and do it well" ensure flexibility, modularity, reusability and composability of our solutions.

Open Hearted

We believe in the Open Source vision and community. Our solutions are mainly built around the best Open Source technologies. You pay only and precisely the code that solve your business needs plus scaling is free.

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