IT Freelance since 2001.

I’ve been mainly working for two companies in the last years: the largest IT Training network in Italy PCSNET Srl and the biggest privately owned road safety focused company in Italy AISICO Srl.

For both I’ve: - planned, implemented and deployed the IT infrastructure - planned, developed and deployed the websites - engineered out business processes into business web applications - built web application sold to several customers and actually in production

As a Devop I use Linux virtualization in its Docker form.

The most complex dockerized network configuration consists of a rack with 5 1U servers hosting: - a fault tolerant haproxy - an owncloud backed by GlusterFS distributed replicated volume configuration - a PostgreSQL 9.3 + Postgis 2.1 database hot standby replicated - three highly available wordpress websites - a gitlab code repository

The most complex business application is a 12-factor rails 4 application used internally for guardrail crash test data collection and graphs and drawings production. The rails 4 app is structured as a series of excel like auto updating forms. Drawings and graphs are made with SVG and d3.js.

The web application I developed for AISICO Srl is in production in ASTRAL Spa and Provincia di Latina and it is a web based road cadastre management system. It is 12 factorized and deployed through docker.

Tommaso Patrizi