How to install different versions of PostGIS according to ASDF postgres versions

How to install different versions of PostGIS according to ASDF postgres versions

Polymorphic attachments for Rails 4 and ActiveAdmin

Following my [2012 post!!!][1] I finally managed to write down a small Rails 4 engine that allows anyone to add multiple files to any model in his rails app.

Migrate Joomla from Windows 2003 to Docker

Before continuing my series on rails deployment with docker in a PAASY environment I needed to migrate and existing Joomla 1.5 from a Windows 2003 machine to an Azure Ubuntu Linux 12.04.

Deployment Rails with Docker Part 2

Second part of deploy rails with Docker.

Deployment Rails with Docker Part 1

After my first approach to easying up the many pains of Rails deployment I happened to bump into Docker for a broader PAAS project. So my thought was: why automate only code deployment if I can automate the whole machine deployment especially with a tool like Docker that makes this task trivial and quick.

Easy Peasy Deploy

I'm a bit tired of reinventing the wheel every time I need to deploy a rails app. Capistrano has made the good decision to use rake instead of his own DSL so I'll follow that path. I need a `deploy.rake` file with some tasks inside.

Multithreaded rails app 4 real

Rubinius 2.0 (actually 2.1.1) is out and with it rails apps can finally be fully multithreaded taking advantage of multicore processors and substantially reducing memory consumption. Im currently porting a Rails 2 app to Rails 4. It is a patients management app with also image management. Some doctors have up to 4000 patients.

EventMachine & Serialport

I need to communicate with an inertial platform to track GPS data in a dashboard. As the dashboard is working with EventMachine I decided to use ruby-serialport with EventMachine.

Chesterton Giobbe

L'uomo รจ maggiormente confortato dai paradossi che non dalle certezze. Il libro di Giobbe mostra questo in maniera plastica.

Taling problems in Windows

I built this beautiful dashboard collecting data from different sensors on a high efficiency vehicle. I opted for an html page with server-events.

Rails 3 is_documentable with activeadmin

I need to add the chance to add as many documents as needed for several models of a Rails 3 app. Each model is something that can have associated drawings, administrative acts and so forth. To avoid duplication as far as possible I opted for an acts_as like feature for documents.

RealTime dashboard: ruby, eventmachine and d3.js

We need to build a dashboard for a field veichle through which we collect different street data. We have two lasers used to monitor the status of pavimentation and three accelerometers to monitor that data acquisition be consistent and without spikes.